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Deribit Leaving: European AML Law Continues To Hurt Crypto Businesses

Bitcoin was created by pseudonymous coder and cryptographer Satoshi Nakamoto as a seeming way to give individuals a chance to opt-out of the fiat, government system through decentralization. Altcoins, too, seemingly share a similar premise; Ethereum, for instance, has so-called decentralized finance applications that aim to offer financial services without the need for intermediaries and […]

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Bloomberg Analyst Explain Why He’s Bullish on Bitcoin for 2020

Years ago, nearly everyone on Wall Street and in traditional financial circles was skeptical of Bitcoin. There were individuals like Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan calling the cryptocurrency a “scam” doomed to fail and others claiming it was nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme, citing their reasoning that Bitcoin seemingly has no technological purpose […]

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Dante Disparte: Libra Trumps Bitcoin as a Payment System

Libra Association vice-chair, Dante Disparte says the proposed project and bitcoin (BTC) aren’t in direct competition. The Libra Association executive maintains that Libra can provide robust payment solutions much better than the popular crypto. Meanwhile, crypto stakeholders are joining mainstream actors to pick holes in the value proposition for Libra. For some industry insiders, the […]

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Mexico Central Bank Proposed Crypto Regulations Could Suffocate the Economy

The proposed law requires cryptocurrency exchanges to acquire a license to qualify as regulated financial institutions. However, once they obtain the permit, the same law forbids them to avail or list any crypto service, a catch 22-situation since practically there won’t be any legal cryptocurrency exchange in the country. This according to a report from […]